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  • Terms & Conditions

    Due to the letter being a personalised product, we cannot offer refunds. In the unlikely event that you should be unhappy with your order, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

    If you have not received your letter, PLEASE let us know in good time and if necessary, we will arrange for another to be sent out to you. Please be patient, but do let us know if you have not received your letter(s) a week after placing the order. Please be aware that we do not offer refunds for non-delivery. A replacement item will, however, be issued.

    Should a reprint be required, please notify Classic Santa by midday on the 19th December. This will allow us time to produce and post your letter before the Royal Mails recommended last posting cut-off.

    If you contact us after this time, a replacement letter will still be sent, but it will be posted after the recommended last posting time.

    All of the letters are sent out well before the Royal Mail last posting date. However in the unlikely event of a letter not arriving by Christmas Eve, we will of course issue a reprint, along with an apology letter from the big man himself, after the festive period. Refunds will not be issued.

    We personally quality check all individual letters before they are dispatched. However Santa WILL NOT proofread or correct sections that have been personalised by you. Please ensure you carefully read through the letter, and it makes sense on the screen, before completing your order.

    Please note that letters with a wax seal (the Deluxe, Luxury and Original Letters), have the wax seal poured by hand, therefore each seal will differ slightly.

    The nature of a wax seal means that a mark will remain where the seal was placed. In some cases, when the seal is opened/removed, it may leave a slight rip/tear in the letter - we think this just adds to the gorgeous authenticity of the letters!

    Letters that do not meet our high quality standards will be rejected. However, should a letter be damaged on arrival, please contact us immediately. You may be asked to send us photographs of the damage, or in some cases, we may ask you to return the faulty item to us along with its original packaging. If deemed necessary, a replacement letter will, of course, be sent out promptly.

    Delayed/Lost Letters

    As this is a personalised product, we do not issue refunds, but will do our very best to ensure the letter/s reach you.

    Should you advise us that your letter has not been received, we will:

    Firstly ask you to carefully double-check that the address AND POSTCODE you provided is correct.

    If the letter was not being sent to you, ask you to check with the recipient (very often, we find they've been delivered but the sender hasn't been informed!)

    If the address is correct, issue a reprint. It takes some time for items to work their way through the Royal Mail system, so we like to give them a little time before resending. We will use our discretion and common sense as to when this will be.

    If you have mistakenly provided us with an incorrect address, we will of course issue a replacement for no additional charge, however, we will ask you to cover the cost of additional postage. (Royal Mail Tracked 24 is £3.30 or Royal Mail Special Delivery is £7.50).

    Should none of the letters have arrived by the Royal Mail's last delivery date, a replacement letter will still be sent, but as it will be posted after the recommended last posting time, we can’t guarantee it will be delivered before the big day.

    We will email a PDF copy of the letter to you - while we know it’s not ideal, these work really well as a stop-gap while the Royal Mail catch up!

    In the unlikely event it doesn't arrive by Christmas Eve, we will send the letter again, along with an apology letter from the big man, explaining the delay.

    We will also send a text message to a contact number of your choice, direct from the North Pole on Christmas Eve, explaining the delay. This will look like it has come from ‘The North Pole’ (not a regular phone number).


    The personalised nature of our letters, along with the very quick turnaround from receiving your order to printing and assembling your letters, unfortunately means we are not able to accept cancellations.


    We will not share any of your personal or order information with any third party company. All orders are processed, and all letters are produced in-house.


    Once you have begun the order process, you will be directed to make payment using Stripe. Classic Santa cannot view or store your payment information - the transaction will be securely processed by Stripe.