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  • How to Order

    Our first posting date is 20th November 2023.

    Orders placed on or after 17th November will be posted in 2-5 working days from receiving your order.

    Letters will be sent to a designated responsible adult, in an outer envelope for you to give to your little ones when you choose.

    How it works

    When placing your order, you will be asked:

    - Child’s first & last name (this will be printed on the inner envelope, and the first name will appear throughout the letter). You’ll also tell us the child's gender and age.

    - You’ll select the type of letter you would like to order.

    Each letter includes a completely personalised letter printed on our patterned ‘From the Desk of Father Christmas’ letterhead, our signature, red, foiled band, and a North Pole postmarked envelope. In addition, the:

    - Deluxe letter includes: Foiled Certificate of Good Behaviour, Santa’s ‘Official’ real wax seal, Santa’s ‘Official’ watermarked vellum wrap, and The Official Nice List Pin.

    - Luxury letter includes: Foiled Certificate of Good Behaviour, Santa’s ‘Official’ real wax seal and Santa’s ‘Official’ watermarked vellum wrap.

    - Original letter includes: Santa’s ‘Official’ real wax seal and Santa’s ‘Official’ watermarked vellum wrap.

    - Please note the Classic letter DOES NOT include the watermarked vellum wrap.

    - A whole host of details to be included in the letter - whether they have written to Santa, the child's age, the child's achievement this year, the present they are hoping for, where they will spend Christmas Day, (and who with), and what treat they will leave out for the big man. As always, you can leave any of these details blank, and the letter will still be perfectly personalised.

    - As you are completing these details, you will be able to preview the letter, and change how each paragraph is worded. We have 6 options for each paragraph to choose from, so you can completely customise the letter to your little one.

    We take the delivery address for your order during checkout. All letters you have ordered will be sent to this address. If you wish to send letters to multiple addresses, please place seperate orders.

    Your order will arrive in a plain, outer envelope with the adult's name and address printed on - WE DO NOT RECOMMEND PUTTING THE CHILDS NAME ON THE OUTER ENVELOPE FOR DELIVERY.

    Our magical North Pole postmarked, red envelope(s) with the child's name printed on it will be inside, with the letter safely sealed inside it. If you have chosen a letter that includes a wax seal (the Original, Luxury or Deluxe version), this is INSIDE the envelope. If you have chosen the Deluxe letter, the Nice List Pin will also be inside the red envelope.

    You can then choose a suitable time to give your little one their exciting delivery from the North Pole - pop it through the door on a frosty morning, in the fireplace after a cosy mug of hot chocolate just before bedtime, or on the Christmas tree as they come home from school - it’s completely up to you!