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    We're Sarah & Andrew, a husband and wife team with a ridiculous love for Christmas that we want to spread far and wide!

    Sarah is the eldest of 3 sisters, and at about the age of 10, decided to write a reply from Santa when her little sisters left a letter to the big man on Christmas Eve, knowing he would probably be too busy with all of his deliveries to reply! This set a tradition in the household that still goes today, some 20 (ahem) years later!

    Andrews love of Christmas has always been off the chart. Once he discovered traditional printing on vintage presses, it seemed like the perfect time to combine his two favourite things - traditional craftsmanship, and Christmas!

    Once Sarah and Andrew met, the Christmas spirit became overwhelming, and we set to work making something truly different. With the goal of producing the most authentic, high quality, personalised letters from Father Christmas possible, and the hope of keeping the dream alive for children (and adults) across the world, Classic Santa was born in 2009.

    We’ve created many letters since our first attempt all those years ago, and while our processes have changed (we now use vintage presses, rather than a slightly ropey home printer, as our first attempts were!) our belief in our letters is just as strong.

    We do everything ourselves in our little workshop, with Sarah designing and writing the letter, and Andrew printing each letterhead, certificate and envelope on our vintage presses by hand. We fold each letter, and pour each wax seal ourselves, with the help of our families and a couple of jolly Elves.

    Each year we spend months making the design and personalisation even more magical than the last, and, even though we breathe Christmas for ten months of the year, the moment October rolls around, we have to be held back from decorating the tree (real - always!), cracking open the mulled wine, and popping Michael Bublé on repeat. Sadly, as we’ve not been able to buy a real tree in October, we do have to hold fire for a little while.

    We hope that our love for our letters and belief in what we do shows through, and we're really grateful for your custom. We’re always looking to improve, so appreciate all your feedback.

    Happy Christmas!

    Andrew, Chief Elf Sarah, and the rest of the Northpole Team.